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Our Products are easy to carry, and very attractive. Our pipes make you want to show them off because they are hand made, and made from quality material. 

You can submit your order by mail and pay with personal check or money order. M​ail to:

Natalie Thomas​

10002 Aurora Ave N Ste 36 PMB 640,

Seattle WA 98133-9348

Taxes are included in the price. $5 added for shipping and handling.

Item will not be mailed out until check clears.

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[email protected]

Our product is unique and creative. We work hard to create a product that is easy on the eyes, and easy to use. We strive to create pipes that are artworks as well as utilitarian. We often use re-purposed materials to make these pieces. We include a tax of 9% in the price. We have a $5.00 shipping fee on all products. You must be 21 or older to purchase our product.  

Thank you for your business!

    Acrylic Pipes, Custom Painted Wooden Pipes, and Unique Design Pipes.                 

A003 Purple click "add to cart" 

Purple and pink acrylic with rounded edges is one of a kind. All pipes include baskets (not pictured).

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